Slow is the new fast

What is Slow?

Slow is a platform aiming to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable fashion industry. To achieve this, we build a bridge between slow fashion brands and customers. Our store exclusively offers slow fashion brands, enabling customers to directly compare products and brands.

A waste free fashion industry

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion, aiming to slow down and reduce consumption. Slow fashion encourages the consumption of ethical, sustainable, durable, and high-quality products. 

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Our goals.

We aim to make slow fashion the new norm of the fashion industry. We have two goals:

  • Facilitating access to slow fashion.

    Right now, shopping sustainably is not easy. It requires a lot of research, countless open tabs, and a lot of trust that brands are not greenwashing. Our platform aims to make this process a lot easier, by offering the best slow fashion brands in one place, and taking the burden to research off customers' shoulders.

  • Increasing the exposure of slow fashion brands.

    Many customers are not aware of the amazing slow fashion brands out there. We offer a platform for these brands to reach new customers and give customers the opportunity to find new slow fashion brands.

How does it work?

  • The best slow fashion brands, all in one place
  • Our filters enable you to customise your search according to what you value most when shopping slow.
  • We do the research for you. All brands we offer fulfil the values of slow fashion, and we constantly work to improve our sustainability assessment.

Why we do it.

Fast fashion, slow destruction

The cost of fast fashion.

Fast fashion stands for the speed at which garments and trends are made - and exchanged for new ones. The average life span of these fast fashion garments is less than three years. This is not only due to their low quality but also the rapidly changing trends. As a result:

  • The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, making it the second largest polluter after the oil industry.
  • Fashion creates 92 million tons of waste every year
  • Workers in the industry are exploited and work under hazardous and unethical conditions.

It's time for change

How we can change the industry for the better.

We strongly believe that we can do better. Together with you, we want to rethink the way fashion is done - by slowing down consumption and changing it to become more sustainable and fair.

But for that, we need your help. With every purchase from slow fashion brands, their role in the industry gains weight, and we move one step closer to a sustainable fashion industry. The key to rethinking fashion is in your hands!

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Rethinking Fashion.

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Consuming sustainably.

Consuming ethically.

Consuming slow.

Meet the Slow Team.

  • Lily Pepper

    Founder & Director

  • Giulia Quaroni

    Marketing Manager

  • Maxine Belonje

    Marketing & Sales Manager

  • Esther Friemond

    Sales Manager