Changing the system

We are at a point where fashion-as-usual no longer works. The good news is: all the ingredients needed to reduce the environmental and social impact of the industry already exist. We'll bring them together, and make circular fashion easier than ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The fashion industry.

Fast fashion and the rapid speed of production and consumption in the industry have caused detrimental social and environmental costs. Constantly changing trends and cheap materials accelerate the speed, and lead to massive levels of waste and pollution.

Producers overproduce, and consumers overconsume.

  • ...produces 92 million tons of waste per year

  • ...causes 10% of global CO₂ emissions

  • ...causes 20% of all industrial water pollution

Being sustainable is hard.

Access to circular fashion and services related to it (such as repair, resale, or recycling) are inconvenient, time-consuming, and often very expensive. Consequently, it is often not a real alternative for many people, and it remains easier to be unsustainable.

Our Solution

Making circular fashion easy.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

We believe that if circular fashion were easy, accessible, and convenient, people would engage more in circular behaviour, such as buying sustainable brands, or reselling, repairing, and recycling their clothes.

That's what we'll help them do. We'll make it easy.

A hybrid concept

The Circular Fashion Hub

The Hub will combine all the elements of the circular fashion economy into one single service and location - making circular fashion super easy.

The store combines a physical, brick-and-mortar location with software to facilitate circular services and create a unique shopping experience.

  • Zero-stock

    We don't keep anything we sell in stock. Our customers can feel and try on the clothes they like, and then order them home. This way, we avoid the need for end-of-season sell-outs, deadstock, and overall reduce fashion waste.

  • Brick-and-mortar

    The physical store is the primary place where our services take place and where our customers can enjoy them. This enables people to fulfil all their circular needs in one place - super simple.

  • Software

    Every step of the customer journey in-store rests on software facilitating the process, such as our no-stock system, take-back scheme, and environmental accounting. Thus, the physical SLOW Store is entirely nested in software.

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Retail forms the first step of circular fashion cycle to bring sustainable and second-hand garments into circulation. We work together with circular fashion brands to provide only the most durable and eco-friendly options. We operate completely without stock to avoid dead-stock and fashion waste. We also sell second-hand clothing, which we receive directly from our customers.


A crucial part of a circular fashion economy is to maintain, adapt and repair our clothes instead of replacing them. Therefore, we offer repair, tailoring, and upcycling services to extend the life of our customers' clothes.


Our customers can easily resell their clothes to us - regardless of brand, quality, and condition. We reimburse our customers the value of their clothes, and sort them according to whether they can be resold further, or whether they are ready to be recycled.


If the clothes that our customers drop off can no longer be saved through repair or upcycling, their time has come to be recycled. To make sure no precious materials are lost, we will work together with certified textile recycling companies who will handle the textiles with their utmost care.


We want people to learn how to take care of their clothes themselves. In the end, the easiest way to be circular is to do it yourself. That's why we will teach our customers all the skills they need to maintain their clothes - repairing, upcycling, and general care.


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