Best Sustainable Summer Brands of 2023

Best Sustainable Summer Brands of 2023

Get ready to embrace sustainable style this summer with the best slow fashion brands of 2023. These brands prioritize ethical practices, craftsmanship, and timeless designs, ensuring your wardrobe is both fashionable and eco-friendly.

From luxurious linen dresses to organic cotton basics, they offer a range of clothing that is built to last and make a positive impact on the planet. With attention to detail and a commitment to fair trade, these slow fashion brands empower local artisans and promote conscious consumption. Embrace the season in style while championing sustainability with these top slow fashion brands that are leading the way towards a more mindful and beautiful future.

Dis-Order Apparel

Based in: Netherlands

Product Range: Clothing Basics, Lifestyle

Price Range: $$ / $$$$$

Dis-order is a perfect basics apparel company that keeps focus on both mental heath and sustainability. In addition to their mental health mission, the company strives for maximum positive impact. Their production model prioritizes environmental sustainability and ethical treatment of people. Eco-Friendly Textiles through industry-leading materials and inks conserve water, use sustainable cotton, renewable energy, and incorporate recycled materials. Ensuring Ethical Treatment, their textile producer is 100% sweatshop-free and holds certifications from Fair Labour Association, WRAP, and SEDEX.

Not only that but they do On-Demand Printing where items are printed per order, minimizing waste and surpassing industry standards. Lastly, the reduced Shipping Emissions through a partnership with global distribution center minimize transport distances, resulting in 67% lower shipping CO2 emissions on average.

Dis-Order highlights the ever changing normalities within the 21 century of fashion.


Based in: Ireland

Product range: Clothing Basics

Price range: $$

SassySpud was born out of a passionate dedication to veganism and desire to spread awareness, with a love of a plant based diet. They firmly believe that clothing serves as a powerful platform for promoting veganism and the positive impact of a cruelty-free lifestyle on the planet, animals, and personal health. At SassySpud, their design choices incorporate a touch of humor and sass, aiming to infuse a lighthearted tone into a more serious subject matter. They believe their clothing is used as a walking billboard to help promote sustainable practices and encourage others to join along.

Ohoy Swim

Based in: Scandinavia

Product Range: Swimwear, Accessories

Price Range: $$$ / $$$$$

OHOY swim, founded in 2016 by Scandinavians Henna and Anna, is a sustainable swimwear brand designed for everyday girls. With a focus on Scandinavian simplicity and environmental responsibility, OHOY swim creates ethically made products that are tested to be twice as resistant to chlorine, sun creams, and oils. 1% of sales goes towards supporting the recovery of nets by volunteer divers through the Healthy Seas initiative. Manufacturing is done in a small family-owned factory in Portugal, ensuring fair and friendly working conditions. OHOY swim believes in year-round adventures and offers swimwear that stays put and beautiful no matter what. Keep an eye out for their newest summer drops <3


Based in: Spain

Product range: Sneakers, Clothing, Accessories

Price range: $$-$$$ / $$$$$

At SAYE, their purpose is to champion a conscious lifestyle through the offering of stylish vegan sneakers that prioritize the well-being of the planet and its people. In their pursuit of a brighter future, all employees at SAYE prioritize environmental impact when making decisions. Their commitment to sustainability is in the range of upcycled sneakers they offer, made from materials such as recycled mango fruit, organic cotton, recycled Polyurethane (PU) remnants, and environmentally-certified leather. SAYE is dedicated to minimizing the Earth's carbon footprint by utilizing locally sourced ecological yarns and natural dyes in their garment production. A great option for sustainable shoes!

Lotus Crafts

Based in: Germany

Product Range: Yoga Clothing, Accessories

Price Range: $$ - $$$ / $$$$$

In an increasingly complex, accelerated, and digitized world, the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are gaining popularity as effective means to achieve inner peace, cultivate a relaxed and joyful attitude towards life, and deepen spiritual exploration.

Lotuscrafts endeavors to inspire individuals to engage in meditation and yoga by offering a range of high-quality and ecologically conscious products. The name Lotuscrafts represents the shared values found in all their offerings: beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. Their products are designed to be visually appealing, pleasing to the touch, and a source of enjoyment. Throughout the entire production chain and in all aspects of their work, Lotuscrafts remains committed to treating both people and the environment with respect, conserving resources in the process. Their use of fair organic cotton and a reduction of plastic packaging, they strive for environmental action by giving CO2 compensation on all their products. Definetly a great option for sustainable athletic wear.

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