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Discover sustainable brands and make the switch from fast to slow fashion - easier than ever.

Circular fashion is hard.

Behaving sustainably when it comes to fashion is usually inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive. CiRCEE is on a mission to make everything related to circular fashion easier, by combining all its elements into one, easy and accessible, solution.

If it was easy, everyone would do it

Making circular fashion easy

We believe that if circular fashion were easy, accessible, and convenient, more people would engage in circular behaviours.

We also believe that all the elements of a circular fashion economy already exist - sustainable brands, repair services, reselling platforms and recycling facilities. But these services are scattered, inconvenient, and inaccessible for many people.

At CiRCEE, we are combining all these services into one - allowing our customers to get their new clothes sustainably, and their old ones resold, repaired, and recycled.

One store. The coolest sustainable brands.

We're sourcing the coolest and most sustainable brands out there so you don't have to. We've developed science-based assessment criteria so you don't have to worry about greenwashing.

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Rent before you buy.

Don't want to commit to buying something for the long-term? No problem, soon you'll be able to just rent it for however long you like. And if you cannot miss it anymore, you can buy the piece afterwards.

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Repair & Recycle your favourite clothes

Fixing or properly recycling our old clothes can be a hassle. We'll make it easier for you, by enabling repairs and reycling of your favourite items from the comfort of your own home.

Our mission

📍Coming soon to Maastricht, Netherlands

Rental Pilot

We are launching a pilot for our rental service, testing whether it helps people overcome barriers of price and lack of variety when it comes to sustainable clothing.

Stay tuned to start renting your clothes and see our bicycle delivery crew hand out our limited test-collection!

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Partner with CiRCEE to feature your brand among a community of sustainable leaders and connect with conscious consumers. Join forces to transform the fashion supply chain, from resale to recycling, and drive lasting change in the industry.

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